The Different Types Of Bulldog Mix Breeds

American Bulldog Boxer Mix on Leash

If you’re a fan of Georgetown University, then you are probably familiar with their mascot, Jack the Bulldog, which became the mascot in the early 60s. Even if you aren’t a fan, the bulldog is the most recognizable college mascot no matter where you go.

Why did the university choose the Bulldog to be their mascot? It is said that the students are “tenacious” like the pooch. What is interesting about Jack the bulldog is that he could be a bulldog, a bulldog breed, or a bulldog mix.

Mascot Jack The Bulldog

According to Catherine Marien-de Luca from Bulldog Information, modern Bulldogs hail from Bull and Mastiff type dogs. Some of these modern Bulldogs breeds include the familiar breeds:

  • American Bulldog
  • English Bulldog
  • French Bulldog
  • Aussie Bulldog
  • Victorian Bulldog

The first instance where a bulldog was clearly distinguished from a Mastiff was in 1631 in a letter written by an Englishman, Prestwich Eaton where he asked his friend, George Wellingham, to be sent “a good Mastiff dog, a case of liquor and I beg you to get for me some good bulldogs.”

Old Picture of Gentle Bulldog

Until that letter, historians who specialized in Bulldogs would argue when the breed came into existence. The only thing the historians could agree on was that the breed is called a “bulldog” because they were used to guard, control, and even bait bulls.

As extensive as the history of Bulldogs may be, did you know that many people go one step further to create a bulldog mix? These designer dogs include:

  • Bullypit – Pitbull Bulldog Mix
  • Bulloxer – Boxer Bulldog Mix
  • Beabull – Beagle Bulldog Mix
  • Miniature Bulldog – Bulldog Pug Mix
  • Bullshit – Bulldog Shih Tzu Mix
  • English Boodle – English Bulldog Poodle Mix
  • Bullhuahua – Chihuahua Bulldog Mix
Black Bullhuahua
  • American Bulldog Shepherd – German Shepherd Bulldog Mix
  • Bull-Pei – Shar Pei Bulldog mix

Let’s take a look at each designer dog and talk about what makes them special!

Bullypit: Pitbull Bulldog Mix

The first Bulldog mix on our list is the Bullypit. Dogbreed tells us that these dogs are a blend of an American Pitbull with an American Bulldog. They are great guard dogs, and they are known for being obedient. These are medium sized dogs who can get as heavy as 80 pounds when they are fully grown. The average lifespan of these dogs can be anywhere from 10 to 13 years, which is pretty typical for dogs.

If you want a cheerful pup that will protect your family when they have to, this is your dog. Keep in mind that although they won’t hesitate to protect their owners, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be aggressive or hard to control.

Bullypit Standing on Grass

There are some dogs like that within the breed, but that is primarily due to irresponsible breeding, poor ownership, and the dog not being socialized with others or trained properly. Ideally, you will want to have enough time to dedicate toward training and giving them love and affection.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the Bullypit:

Activity Requirements Needs a lot of activity
Training Required Moderately difficult, as they want to be the pack leader
Grooming Short and fair hair that requires low to moderate brushing
Interaction with Others Very good as long as they’re socialized with children, adults, and other pets
Frequency of Barking Occasionally
Health Concerns Hypothyroidism, heart disease, vision problems, hip dysplasia, allergies
Good for a New Owner So-So. They do better with an experienced owner

Bulloxer: Boxer Bulldog Mix

A blend of the bulldog and the boxer, these dogs are known to be affectionate, full of energy, friendly, playful, and very social. These lovable pups can get up to 90 pounds, and since they can be a little hyper, it could be a big hit should they jump on you when they get excited.

Bulloxer Sitting on Grass

According to Pet Breeds, you’re going to have this hyper and happy dog for as long as 15 years—just don’t count on using him as a watchdog, because they aren’t likely to bark when there is an intruder nearby.

With these dogs, you want to give them stuff to do, because otherwise a bored bulloxer means badly behaving dog who can be quite destructive. Also, when you are training or walking these dogs, Pet Premium recommends that you leave those activities for someone who is strong so that they can handle the bulloxer’s strength.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the Bulloxer:

Activity Requirements Needs a lot of activity
Training Required If you start when they’re puppies, they are easy to train
Grooming Short and fair hair that requires low to moderate brushing
Interaction with Others Very good as long as they’re socialized with children, adults, and other pets
Frequency of Barking Rarely
Health Concerns Hip Dysplasia and Flatulance (may need special food)
Good for a New Owner So-So. They do better with an experienced owner

Beabull: Beagle Bulldog Mix

The Beabull is a beagle and bulldog mix, which accounts for its smaller size when compared to any other Bulldog mix. Like the other breeds we mentioned, they are quite playful and very loving.

Beabull Puppy Standing on Grass

However, Pet Guide points out that they have a very strong independent streak. Also, you’ll notice that the beabull has a longer snout than other bulldog mixes, and they also have the big floppy ears, which some would say only adds to their cuteness, even when they reach their life expectancy of 13 years.

A fully grown Beabull can get up to 30 pounds, which is very light considering the previous two breeds can get pretty heavy. Luckily, if you are a smaller person, you can easily train these intelligent pups are more than happy to learn and make you happy. Keep in mind that they can get a little stubborn so you will want to make sure you keep their training entertaining and challenging.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the Beabull:

Activity Requirements An hour long walk and they are fine
Training Required It can be easy as long as the training is interesting and engaging
Grooming They shed a lot and should often be groomed
Interaction with Others Excellent. They are a happy dog that interacts well with others.
Frequency of Barking Moderate
Health Concerns Some digestive problems and ear infections
Good for a New Owner So-So. They do better with an experienced owner

Miniature Bulldog: Bulldog Pug Mix

A miniature bulldog is a mix between a bulldog and a pug (that’s a whole lot of adorable wrinkles!) and they are known for being alert, gentle, friendly, loving, loyal and social. These dogs are great guard dogs, and they are pretty obedient too. Just don’t count on them to be good watchdogs because they aren’t likely to bark when a stranger approaches.

Miniature English Bulldog Standing on Grass

These pups can live to be 13 years old and can get as heavy as 45 pounds, which doesn’t sound very miniature, does it? Fortunately, these dogs are friendly, gentle, and pretty social, much like the other bulldog mixes we mentioned so far. Also, like the rest of the dogs mentioned, they enjoy playtime with their family. Pet Guide does recommend that you socialize the miniature bulldog with others to curb possible behavioral problems.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the Minature Bulldog:

Activity Requirements A daily walk and not much more
Training Required They aren’t hard to train, but it is recommended you start early
Grooming Moderate grooming is ideal to maintain a healthy coat
Interaction with Others They’re very social and get along with children, adults, and other pets.
Frequency of Barking Rarely
Health Concerns Breathing problems and can become obese, so you have to mind their diet
Good for a New Owner Due to the difficulty in training, these dog’s aren’t ideal for first time owners.

Bullshit: Bulldog Shih Tzu Mix

Although these dogs look like a fierce bulldog, they are quite sweet. This breed, affectionately known as “Bullshit” is a mix between a French bulldog and a shih tzu, which can be seen by the shaggy coat and their face of the shih tzu, whereas the stout body and upturned ears are clear indicators of the French bulldog parentage.

Bullshit Dog Laying on Ground

Dogable points out that these dogs are much like other bulldog mixes, they are relatively calm in nature, even though they like to play, and want owners who can match their playful energy. In fact, these are great dogs for active children!

These dogs can get to be 30 pounds, which is pretty light in comparison to some of the larger dogs on this list. They are prone to becoming overweight, so it’s important that you give them a decent amount of exercise.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the Bullshit:

Activity Requirements Moderate activity—running is ideal to expend it’s abundant energy
Training Required They aren’t hard to train, but it is recommended you start early
Grooming Their coat will vary from dog to dog, but it only requires moderate grooming
Interaction with Others They tend to get along well with small children and the elderly
Frequency of Barking Rarely
Health Concerns Breathing difficulties
Good for a New Owner Yes

English Boodle: English Bulldog Poodle Mix

The English Boodle (such a fun name to say!) is what you get when an English bulldog and a poodle mate. These medium sized dogs have similar characteristics you’d find in their parents—smart like the poodle and as friendly as the bulldog.

Because of these characteristics, 101 Dog Breeds believes that it could be why they’ve become such a popular pet for a family. If you want to have one of these pups, it’ll be a fantastic addition for as long as 12 years.

English Boodle Laying on Floor

These fun, affectionate, and loving dogs enjoy being in the company of others. However, they will need some work when it comes to training. If you’ve never owned a boodle before, you might want to take him to a professional to be trained.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the English Boodle:

Activity Requirements Moderate activity
Training Required They can be stubborn and requires patience and consistent training
Grooming Minimal
Interaction with Others Yes
Frequency of Barking Rarely, unless they get bored then the bark nonstop
Health Concerns Addison’s Disease, Bloat, Cushing's disease, Epilepsy
Good for a New Owner No, because it will be a challenge to train them

Bullhuahua: Chihuahua Bulldog Mix

The bullhuahua (or the French Bullhuahua) is a cross between a French bulldog and a Chihuahua. These are small to medium sized pups who will be loving members of your family for up to 18 long years. They are fun pets, that’s for sure, but they can be a little stubborn and even a bit unpredictable at times.

White Bullhuahua Dog

According to Dog Breed+, these pups are loyal and playful who crave attention and love. You’ll want to be careful though because they can be a little possessive and even aggressive while snuggling up next to you. Why would they do that? Because they have favorites and if you try to mess with one of her favorite people, she won’t hesitate to protect them. This doesn’t mean she’s overly aggressive, she’s just protective.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the Bullhuaha:

Activity Requirements Requires a good amount of exercise
Training Required Moderate training because they can be stubborn
Grooming Moderate grooming needs
Interaction with Others Yes, but needs socialization
Frequency of Barking occasionally
Health Concerns Heart problems, cleft palate, collapsed trachea, allergies, hip dysplasia
Good for a New Owner Okay, but they do really well with experienced owners

Bulldog Shepherd: German Shepherd Bulldog Mix

This next bulldog mix is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Bulldog. These are larger dogs than many of the dogs on this list, as they can get to be close to 100 pounds. These dogs take all the best qualities of each breed and combine it into one perfect package.

Bulldog Shepherd Laying on Grass

They are smart, fast, good with children, alert, willing to learn and incredible guard dogs. We should mention that although they are great dogs, they can be over-protective if they haven’t been socialized with friends. They will probably take some time to warm up to strangers.

When you start training your pup, Next Dog Breed you don’t want to use negative reinforcement because it’ll make them not want to come to you when you command it. In fact, the Bulldog shepherd is so smart, they can detect the tone of your voice, and when they sense that you are frustrated or unhappy, they will begin to associate training with your emotion, therefore making them reluctant to cooperate.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the American Bulldog Shepherd:

Activity Requirements Daily exercise is very important
Training Required Easy to train, but they may need behavior training to keep them inline
Grooming Moderate
Interaction with Others Good with children and other pets if they’ve been socialized as puppies
Frequency of Barking Occasionally
Health Concerns Hip and elbow dysplasia
Good for a New Owner Okay, but they do really well with experienced owners

Bull-Pei: Shar Pei Bulldog Mix

The Bull-Pei is a mix between a Shar Pei and an English Bulldog. These dogs can get up to 65 pounds, which makes them a medium to large breed. They are a protective and loving breed, which makes them great family pets. They are curious dogs, but full of energy and are quite playful. They are very social dogs, especially with early training. You’ll find that a Bull-Pei loves being around her family and she loves affection.

Shar Pei Bulldog Looking Confused

We should mention that the Bull-Pei can be stubborn, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be trained. You will have to hold your ground, be firm, consistent and always be patient. You’ll want to use positive reinforcement and give her plenty of positivity and praise.

Here are a few other key bits of information to know about the Bull-Pei:

Activity Requirements Moderate activity as they are prone to gaining weight
Training Required Relatively easy, but they can be a little stubborn
Grooming Moderate, as they shed pretty frequently
Interaction with Others Yes with proper socialization as puppies
Frequency of Barking Frequently
Health Concerns Hypothyroidism, cancer, skin problems and eye problems
Good for a New Owner Yes


Typically when you come across a mix breed dog, they’re called a mutt or a mongrel. These dogs tend to be the result of an accidental pairing. It doesn’t mean these dogs are any less desirable or lovable, they were just happy little accidents between two parent pups who were blissfully in love… Well, you get the idea anyway.

Boston Terrier Bulldog Puppies Laying on Grass

So, what do we call dogs that are the result of an intentional pairing between breeds? We call them a hybrid or a designer dog. These dogs are carefully bred by a professional breeder with the hopes of creating a dog that is better than its parents, who, if they are purebred dogs, may have some significant health and genetic disorders and possible mutations.

People who want a particular looking dog could go for a purebred bulldog, but with a purebred, you have increased chances of heat sensitivity, fold dermatitis, elbow and hip dysplasia, narrow nasal opening and breathing problems, hypothyroidism and much more. When you breed a bulldog with another purebred, you lessen those medical and genetic problems by half.

As you’ve seen when going through these nine examples of designer bulldog mixes, these dogs are happy, friendly, loving, and sociable. Sure, there are a few who have a possessiveness about them, but with proper socializing and training, you can make them the perfect pet for your family, even if you have small children.

Man Holding Beagle Bulldog Mix

When it comes to recommending which designer bulldog mix would be best suited for your family, well, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration, such as:

  • The size of dog your home can accommodate and you can handle.
  • How much available time and patience you have to train the dog properly.
  • Whether you want a vocal dog or a quiet one.

You’ll see that there are some of the mix breeds that are a little different than others. For example, the Bull-Pei is a frequent barker whereas there are others that very rarely bark—unless it’s the English Boodle who only barks when they’re bored and under stimulated. When you look at these different mix breeds, you can get a better idea of which one is best suited for your family.

One thing can be said about designer bulldog mix breeds is that they all have a pleasant temperament which makes owning one of them a pleasure. Of course, along with being playful, loving, and incredibly smart, you also have the common trait typical of Bulldogs, which is being stubborn.

Two Bulldogs Laying in Bed

Ask yourself if you have the necessary amount of patience to give them the proper training that they need. Do you know how to get calm after being frustrated while you’re training your bulldog shepherd, so they don’t begin to associate training with unhappiness? Do you have the confidence to show the Bullypit that they are not the pack leader, but you are?

After you carefully consider what you can take on and which breed seems like a good fit for you and your family, you’ll quickly discover that your new pup fills a hole in your life that you probably never knew even existed. Your bulldog mix isn’t just a pet, but it becomes an important part of your family.

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