Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness

French Bulldog with Harness

For many dog owners, our dogs are like our children. We want to give them the best of everything that we can, but we also want to give them things that express their personality.

With a bulldog, you have a dog that is full of personality! They’re playful, smart, charming, and curious. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that they are a little stubborn and sometimes get a little over protective when it comes to their family members.

With that said, you can let yours or your dog’s personality shine through with the Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness. When people see you walking your bully down the street with a purple (pink leopard with silver spikes/chain or black with gold spikes/chain) leather spiked harness and collar set on a chain leash, they may think twice about messing with you or your pup.

What Makes The Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness Special

Unlike other harness sets you may find on the market, this harness is made of a soft and pliable leather for a comfortable fit so that the edges of the harness and collar won’t dig into your dog’s skin.

Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness

Some notable features of this set include:

  • Soft leather made with spikes studded, matching collar & harness & chain leash set. It's really cool equipment for warriors of dogs.
  • COLLAR - XL size 2.0" in width, neck for 21-24", genuine leather made, soft and durable. Heavy duty chromed D-Ring for leash attaching.
  • HARNESS - Full adjustable Latigo leather dog harness for large or X-large dogs. Neck for 17-24", Chest girth 26-34". Cool spikes studded in honorable Purple, your dog will be a shining star in pet show or daily walking.
  • LEASH - Steel chain leash with soft leather handle. 28" total length; Chain Loop 5mm in thickness, 20" length (include the hook). Hand strap: 1.0" width, 8.0" length.
  • It's a cool set for large breeds dogs, best gift for your pets.100% money back quality guarantee.

Although this is a geared toward large dogs, medium sized dogs can also wear it.

Purple Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness

The measurements for the sizes are:

  • Medium 17-20" (neck) - 18-25" (chest girth) - 25-50 lbs. (weight)
  • Large - 19-22" (neck) - 24-31" (chest girth) - 50-80 Lbs. (weight)
  • X-large - 21-24"(neck) - 28-34" (chest girth) - 80+ lbs. (weight)

What Customers Say

When looking at the overall reviews on Amazon about the Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness, for the most part they were pretty positive, with 61% being 5-star and 26% being 4 star. We looked at some of the 5-star reviews and the overall feeling among those reviewers was that the Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness was study, stylish, it fit well, and they were happy with their decision to purchase the set.

Purple Leash

However, when we looking at one of the 4-star reviews, a customer mentioned her hesitation about how sturdy the chain was, citing that the chain looked “cheap and will break easy.”

This user mentions a very good point. The chain, although steel, is only 5 millimeters thick and the rings are 3.5 centimeters, which if you are pulling a large dog or even an excitable dog, there is no guarantee that the chain will not break if enough force has been applied. The hand strap is a decent width, at an inch, but this too could be problematic of your dog has a tendency to pull a lot.

Their pulling could cause the leather to cut into your hand, making it uncomfortable or even painful. Sure, the dog would have to be pulling pretty hard, but there is that rare instance, right?

With all the positive reviews, 13% of the people who had purchased this harness had a bad experience, leaving behind 3-star reviews and below. A 1-star review, for example, complained that their dog got a rash while wearing it, and the collar was too big, while a 3-star reviewer said that the leather was poor quality and the overall product didn’t look the same as it did online.

Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Harness

These users had an issue with the material, claiming the leather was as high quality as the company would lead you to believe—in one instance it even ripped after a very short time of usage and giving a dog a rash when the harness was worn. Since these issues seem to be the minority, we chalk it up to the problems being a rare occurrence rather than a reflection of the product as a whole.


If you are searching for a harness set that includes a collar and leash, but also has style and personality to match your dog, then this set should be right up your alley. The strong leather material is available in three colors and three sizes with adjustable straps so you can get a perfect fit.

While you may not feel overly rebellious, you can dress your dog up to look like a little hellion in this set. Of course, only you know of your dog’s sweet disposition. Or… Maybe they truly are a rambunctious pup and those spikes and leather are to serve as a warning to approaching strangers while out on a walk.

Didog Soft Leather Bulldog Set on White Background
4.2 Star Rating

Whatever the case may be that leads you to want to purchase this harness and collar combination, we feel like it is a good investment. With pricing under $50 for the three items, you’re getting your money’s worth, as it isn’t very often you find a stylish harness that comes with a matching collar and chain.

We do recommend that if your dog pulls a lot or they get excited easily and want to leap ahead while on a leash, you may want to go for a stronger leash. The steel chain is going to be durable, but the thickness of the chain and the width of the handle gives us a bit of pause. However, if you have a well-behaved dog that doesn’t pull or leap unexpectedly, then this set is a great choice.

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