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Gold Retriever Wearing Majestic Pet Dog Harness

Are you someone who takes your dog out for a walk and begrudgingly uses a regular collar? Is it because you have no idea which harness you should choose for your pet? If so, you aren’t alone. Countless dog owners stick with collars because they think it is the best (sometimes only) solution.

Little do they realize that a harness is a better option to walk your pet on, especially if you use a product like the Majestic Pet Harness that prevents your dog from pulling while you are walking them.

Dog on Majestic Pet Dog No-Pull Harness

In 1994, the Majestic Pet company formed, and they began creating collars and leashes for dogs. Since that time, they have expanded to other areas of pet care. Of all the items in their product lines, the most notable product is the no-pull harness and leash combination. Although this particular harness is simplistic in its design, it performs its designated function without a hitch.

What Makes The No-Pull Harness Special

You might think that all harnesses are created the same. That isn’t always the truth. Some harnesses are over encumbered with padding, buckles, straps and who knows what else. All you really need is a device that is easy to slip on, and it fits comfortably on your dog. That’s it.

Majestic Pet Dog Harness Availible Colors

The Majestic Pet Dog Harness has everything you’d want in a harness without all that extra padding. Some of the benefits of this particular harness include:

  • Durable material paired with quality construction that will keep your pet safe and secure
  • The adjustable straps will allow you to get the perfect fit
  • The D-ring for the leash is on the dog’s back
  • It comes with a leash
  • It is so easy to put on your dog
  • The construction of the harness

How To Use The No-Pull Harness

When you are putting the harness on your dog, it is a lot simpler than other harnesses. Simply guide your pup to step into it with their front paws. You’ll then want to pull the straps up over its back and clasp the harness behind its back. The lightweight design is intended to be easily adjustable so you can get the best fit for your dog.

Majestic Pet Dog Harness Sizes

When you want to take your pup for a walk, simply hook the accompanying leash through the D-ring on the back of this harness, and that’s it. Simple, right?

What Customers Say

As you would expect with any product sold on Amazon, you are going to have your fair share of positive and negative experiences and the reviews reflect that. 81% of reviewers left 4 and 5 star reviews *which is a great turn out), while 19% left 3 star and below.

Of the 5-star reviews, you see a common theme of these reviews is that the Majestic Pet Dog Harness makes it much easier to walk a dog who has the tendency to pull. They share that the design of the harness makes it easier to restrain an overly excited dog.

Size Guide For Dog Breeds

One reviewer did say that no device is going to keep a dog who wants to pull from pulling. And this user is 100% correct in stating that any dog who wants to pull will pull.

However, with this harness, your dog isn’t going to be choking themselves whenever they see a squirrel they want to lunge after. Yes, the harness is going to tighten, but it is going to tighten behind their shoulders making it uncomfortable for the dog—not painful.

This “if they want to pull, they will pull” feeling is common among some of the other reviews, as some of the 3-star reviewers felt that although the Majestic Pet Dog Harness was good for walks, it doesn’t stop the dog from pulling entirely.

If you really think about it, there is absolutely nothing on the market that will prevent a dog from pulling anyway, so perhaps their expectations are a bit lofty, even though the harness makers claim that it is a “no pull” hardness.

Steps For Putting Harness on Dog

We should mention that there were some reviews where folks complained that they couldn’t get a good enough fit, even when following the sizing chart and adjusting the straps.

Another reviewer who left a 1-star review felt that the overall construction of the Majestic Pet Dog Harness was odd. Be that as it may, it seems to have been a rare occurrence, and when they contacted customer service for help, the users reported a pleasant experience, so that’s a plus.


Owning a new dog is a wonderful experience, but it also requires some work. That means you are going to have to care for it and make sure it gets plenty of exercises. Walking your dog is the best and most effective ways to get that exercise in, so it only makes sense that you find a harness that fits, is affordable, and it is comfortable for your dog to wear.

Red Majestic Pet Dog Harness on Dog

The Majestic Pet Dog Harness is the perfect option. Not only is it made of durable nylon (that is also machine washable) and the harness is adjustable so you can get a customized fit, but it also comes with a leash. Why would you spend any extra money on a leash when this harness comes with a matching leash?

One of the things we like the most about this harness is that the company has a 90 day, money back guarantee included when you buy this set. The best part is, it doesn’t matter if you buy it on Amazon (which already has an excellent return program in place) or through the company’s website, if you don’t like the harness or it doesn’t perform as you’d like, you can send it back and get a refund.

Majestic Pet Leash And Harness
3.9 Star Rating

Our recommendation for the Majestic Pet Dog Harness? We recommend it 100%. Test it out for a few weeks and see how much easier it is to walk your pup. What harm can it do? If you don’t like the harness, you can always get a refund!

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